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02.10.2020   Commercial register and register of NPLE

On 30.09.2020 the deadline for submitting applications for announcing annual financial statements (AFS) in the Commercial Register and the register of non-profit legal entities expired. This year, due to the epidemiological situation in the country, the legal deadline for submitting applications to the Registry Agency was extended by three months.

The total number of received annual financial statements is 356,112.
82% of them are submitted online, and the rest - at the counter.
From June 2020, for the first time, traders who chose to submit their documents online used the  portal, uniting the Property and Commercial Register and the Register of non-profit organizations - https://portal.registryagency.bg

On September 30, 32,388 applications for declaration of annual financial statements were submitted, of which 28,831 were submitted online.
he data show a growth of 35% compared to the last working day of last year's campaign and a record number of applications submitted for one day in the register. Despite the high traffic in the portal on 30.09.2020, no delay was registered when working with the electronic system.