United portal for request for electronic administrative services

For full access to the functionalities of the portal, it is necessary to register a user profile and add an authentication tool to it (QES, certificate issued by the Registry Agency or PIC of the NRA).

To add an authentication tool, you need to do the following:

  • The certificate must be installed in advance on the computer you will use;
  • To insert your certificate (in case the certificate is on an external device);
  • After you insert the authentication tool, you must restart your browser. You can add more than one certificate to your account by repeating the above steps for each certificate.


Authentication tools:


1. Qualified electronic signature - QES, according to the List of certification service providers, established/accredited providers on the territory of the Republic of Bulgaria are:

Information Services - is-bg.net

Borica AD- borica.bg

"Infonotary" - infonotary.com

"Evrotrust Technologies" AD - evrotrust.com

System for Electronic Payments Bulgaria / SEP Bulgaria“ JSC - esign.bg


2. Certificate from the Registry Agency:


Registry Agency support only certificates issued after 24 April 2020.

The certificate is issued only in person, to an individual, at a counter in the Registry Agency offices. To issue a certificate, you need to fill in the following  application:

Instructions for installing a certificate for the Linux operating system

Instructions for installing a certificate for the Windows operating system

Instructions for installing a MacOS certificate

Procedure for issuing a certificate for the state structures, the structure of the local self-government/Municipalities and the local administration and the persons performing public functions.

3. PIC of the NRA

You can obtain Personal Identify Code (PIC) from the National Revenue Agency from the National Revenue Agency 
Please notify that is possible only for people who have Bulgarian citizenship.