United portal for request for electronic administrative services

28.07.2020   Property registry

As of July 27 (Monday) the Property and Commercial Register and the Register of Non-Profit Legal Entities (CRRNPLE) are now available on a united portal at the following internet address: https://portal.registryagency.bg. From July 27, users which are trying to access the old platforms: www.brra.bg or www.icadastre.bg, will be automatically transferred to the new, united portal. In order to use the full functionality of the two registers, it is necessary to create a user profile and add to it a tool for identification - electronic signature, PIC of the NRA or a certificate from the Registry Agency. The initial identification guarantees an increased level of security and protection of personal data, according to the European regulations.

On June 9, the new portal was presented with the possibility to register accounts, add an identification tool and performance for test sign. Statistic shows that in the period from June 9 to July 27, only 5,000 accounts were created. On the first day of the launch of the new portal, more than 7,000 users have registered, and so far their total number exceeds 12,000. All services and references of the two registers are now available at https://portal.registryagency.bg. Only in a single day  - July 27 (Monday) through the united portal were submitted about 2500 applications for services and inquiries in CRRLNC and the Property Register.

The Registry Agency has provided users with the opportunity to receive answers to questions related to registration, use and access to the single portal both by phone: 070012107 and by e-mail: support@registryagency.bg

Currently, most of the inquiries are related to local technical settings during the test signing.
The most frequently asked questions are about the Property Register, and can be grouped into 2 main groups:

1. What is needed to obtain special access?
2. How to join an account/transfer amounts from account in www.icadastre.bg to an account in the new portal?

User can request special (free of charge) access in the portal for the Property register, only if the requested access is specified in applicable laws. Such users can be representatives of state institutions, institutions of local self-government and local administration/Municipality, and persons performing public functions. When the user submit an application for special access it is necessary to attach an order from the head of the respective institution, proving the representativeness of the appointed person.

To join an account and transfer amounts from old accounts in www.icadastre.bg to the new portal, it is necessary to make registration in the new portal and select the function "Merge user profile". The system requires entering a username and password  from the old account from www.icadastre.bg. After sending the application for merger and receiving a confirmation from the Registry Agency, both the available amounts and the archive of the inquiries made so far are automatically transferred to the new account.

All inquiries in the Property Register, for which a state fee is due, can be used only after a user profile has been created and aan authentication tool has been added. Free inquiries in both the Property and Commercial Register and the Register of Non-Profit Legal Entities (CRRNPLE)  can be used without requiring authentication. The only exception is the access to the scanned documents contained in the files of traders non-profit organizations, which require an electronic signature, a PIC of the National Revenue Agency or a certificate issued form the Registry Agency.

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