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09.11.2020   Property registry

Today, 09.11.2020, the Property Register in the Registry Agency works with a reduced staff. This is due to the large number of sick or quarantined employees. At the moment, less than half of the employees in Sofia are present at work. They are distributed in all 5 areas, serving the Property Register - acceptance of documents at the counter, processing of archives, processing of transactions, mail and information center.

The Registry Agency will have full information about the exact reasons for the absence of the employees from the Property Register within a few days, as not all of them have entered their sick leave to date. The agency reminds that the legal deadline for presenting a sick note to an employer is 3 days after its issuance.

In the current situation, the Registry Agency is trying to reorganize so that the work of the Property Register, where most services require work at the counter, does not stop. Despite the efforts, with the greatly reduced staff and the growing number of transactions, today it was necessary to wait for customers, which led to tension.

According to the statistics, with an average of 300 transactions entered per day, for the last working day - 06.11.20, there are 415. However, the process of entries, notes and deletions to date is accelerated, with 2 days before

the legally regulated 3-day period.

The Registry Agency informs that the situation in the registry offices in the country is similar. Almost every day it is necessary to quarantine employees of the Registry Offices in small settlements. A process of dynamic reorganization is underway and employees from nearby regional offices are being seconded. The purpose of the Agency is not to suspend the work of the Registry Offices.

The Registry Agency warns that in the coming days, based on the reported trend, there may be a delay in the service in the offices of the registry offices.