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09.06.2020   Property registry

In the implementation of a project under the Operational Program "Good Governance" new electronic services have been implemented, some of which are available to users of the Property Register at this stage of the presentation of portal.registryagency.bg
The services are provided completely free of charge and freely, without the requirement to register in the modernized platform.


The state fee calculator

Provides automatic calculation of fees, according to the "Tariff for state fees collected by the Registry Agency" for services provided by the Property Register. The users of the calculator may establish in advance the due state fee for entries, notes or deletions, when this fee can be unambiguously determined.

The service is available at the following address: State fee calculator

"Checking the status of an application"

Provides an opportunity to check the status of requested certificates, copies or entries in the Registry Offices, which has an incoming number generated from the Property system.

Each user has the opportunity to check both: their applications and those submitted by other applicants. The report provides information for:

• type of application;
• date and time of registration;
• place of submitting
• number and date of registration and the Registry Office that the application has been submitted
• name of the current status of the service
• date and time of status establishment.
The service is available at the following address: Checking the status of an application

 "Registry office at the location of the property"

After entering the name or part of the name of the area that the real estate is situated, the service provides information in the scope of  which Registry Office the property is located. The search can also be performed by writing an ECATTE code.
The result is displayed in the form of a list, visualizing the number of found objects (registry offices).
The service is available at the following address: Registry office at the location of the property