United portal for request for electronic administrative services

09.06.2020   Commercial register and register of NPLE

The portal portal.registryagency.bg unites the Property Register (RR) and the Commercial Register and the Register of Non-Profit Legal Entities (TRRLE). The use of the new platform has the following technical requirements:
- Update version of the operating system for computers and smart devices (eg over Windows 8 or MacOS 10, etc.)
- Updated version of Internet browsers such as Microsoft Edge based on Chromium, Chrome, Mozilla Firefox or Safari.
The portal will not be accessible from devices with old, not supported by the manufacturers operating systems and browsers.
The new portal will be presented in two stages:

1. In the period until July 27, 2020 - possibility for registration of user profiles, installation of electronic signature/certificate from RA or PIC of NRA/. AT this stage you will only have options for making inquiries

2. On July 27, 2020 - activation of all electronic services in portal.registryagency.bg and suspension of the ones situated at the internet sites- brra.bg and icadastre.bg
At the first stage - until July 27, 2020, portal.registryagency.bg you will be able to perform the following activities:

1. To register a user profile and to install and add to your account an electronic signature/certificate issued by the Registry Agency after 23.04.2020 or the PIC of the NRA. You can see in detail how to do this here

2. Make a test application signing. The step-by-step process is shown here:

3. To make free of charge inquiries. If you need to view scanned documents contained in the cases of traders/NPO, the portal will require you to authenticate with QES/certificate from the Registry Agency PIC of the NRA.
Until the release of the full functionality of the new portal, you will be able to request electronic services only on brra.bg and icadastre.bg.

4. To use the new free inquiries for the Property Register - checking the status of the application, checking the location of the Registry Office, Calculator for calculating state fees.

After July 27, the use of electronic services will be available only on portal.registryagency.bg

In the new portal the payment of fees for making inquiries through remote access from the Property Register will be done only electronically, through the payment system of ePay.bg and Portal for electronic payments of the State e-Government Agency (PEP of DAEU).
The funds available to a user's account in icadastre.bg will be transferred automatically after July 27, if the user has indicated in his account in the new portal merging with an old account.