United portal for request for electronic administrative services

To add an authentication tool (CES, NRA PIC or RA certificate) it is necessary to register in the portal.
When you register, the first entry to the portal is by using your e-mail and password. 
Next step is to add authentication tool from your personal profile using the menu "Authentication tools".

After successful addition of an authentication tool - NRA PIC, you should clear the cache of the browser, restart the browser and when re-entering the portal select only the option "Log in with certificate with PIC".
If you have a problem adding an authentication tool, you need to verify that the certificate is installed in your browser.
If you choose to authenticate via certificate issued by RA, it is obligatory that the certificate is issued after 24.04.2020.
After the portal displays a message about the successful addition of an authentication tool, it is necessary to clear the cache of the browser and restart the browser.
When re-entering in the portal, select only the "Log in with certificate" option.