United portal for request for electronic administrative services



Special (free of charge) access is free access to the following services provided by the Property Register:

  1. Application for query through remote access about an act/deed in property register
  2. Application for query through remote access about an electronic lot of a property in property registеr
  3. Application for query through remote access about a property in property register
  4. Application for query through remote access about a person in all property registry office
  5. Application for query through remote access about a person in a selected property registry office

User can request special (free of charge) access in the portal for the Property register, only if the requested access is specified in applicable laws.
The service need to be issued personally by the person entitled to use the free special access, and the application can be made upon registration in the portal or through an existing user profile, by selecting the option:
"I wish to obtain special access to the services of the portal"
The registration must be done with your official e-mail and agreeing with:

"General conditions and instructions for requesting Special Access in the Portal for requesting electronic administrative services"

The General Terms and Conditions define the procedure and requirements for granting "special access".


  • Attach an order from the head of the respective institution, proving the representativeness of the appointed person. The order need to explicitly states that the employee concerned is has the right to obtain free special access and to contain the legal basis for it.
  • The order must be attached to the application via the option "Attach a file", as well as the fields "Contact details" and "Organization and position" must be filled in.
  • It is recommendatory the document то be signed with a qualified electronic signature.
  • The requested special access will be granted after approval of the application.
  • If the application for "special access" is approved, the applicant receives a notification for it via e-mail.
  • In case of refusal, the applicant receives an e-mail containing the reasons for the refusal.
  • In case of denied access, the user can submit a new application, from their personal profile in the portal.

In case the need for obtaining free special access of a person to whom such access has been already granted cease to exist (eg termination of official / employment relations, etc.), the head of the person is obliged to send to the Registry Agency an order for termination of free special access. .
Attached to the order, it is obligatory to add an "Application for termination of special access", which must contain the official e-mail of the person used during his registration in the portal or Customer Identification Number (CIN).
The Application for termination  and the order need to be sent to the following e-mail: s.dostap@registryagency.bg