United portal for request for electronic administrative services

What cookies do we use in our portal?

As visitors to our portal, we can place cookies in your browser. The cookies coming from our website are known as First Party Cookies and are primarily intended to preserve session information while browsing the portal pages or applying for electronic services. Their use is related to:

  • Possible and easy login to your account
  • Ensuring the security of the site
  • Statistical analysis of attendance
  • Without this type of technology, our portal and the service we provide would not be able to operate with its full capabilities and functionality.

The other cookies we use come from third parties and are called Third Party Cookies. These are:

  • Analytics cookies and statistics - These cookies help us analyze the portal's use and track its performance and communication. We use Google Analytics to evaluate how users interact with the portal - the analytics tool lets us determine if you've viewed specific page, how much time you spent on the website. More information and settings can be seen here